Below is list of recommended tools and resources to help you grow and manage your catering profit center.

RCS Catering Software has transformed catering software into an entire turnkey catering operating and marketing system. This system features online ordering, proposal creation, order input, operations management, telephone tracking and recording, sales management, lead nurturing, as well as, lead generation and client retention marketing. Visit their website at or call them at 888-532-0999.
JHW Hospitality helps restaurateurs, caterers, and hospitality professionals achieve fulfillment, balance and financial success. Their team lends support with advice, objectivity and proven methods to ensure both qualitative and quantitative excellence. They create customized action plans based on specific client goals, and they help facilitate in a completely confidential manner. Their efforts are designed to increase your gross revenue and net profit while establishing systems to promote sustained excellence.
Download a Free Copy of Cater or Die! This book gives you the “best practices” Catering Marketing Flow Chart to use in your catering business. This book is packed with real world examples and case studies. Go to to get your free downloadable copy.