What we say about ourselves is not nearly as powerful as what our clients have to say.

“Just wrapped up an event for 2,000 people that came in from the RCS website!! I wanted to say THANK YOU TO THE RCS team!!! For a job well done and a Catering system that kicks butt! We launched a few weeks ago and already have $20,000 plus in Catering orders. Thanks again Michael and Team RCS!”
Michael Stadnicki, Al’s Beef
“We’ve been using RCS Catering Software since June of ’08 to help better track and handle our catering business. One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is the increase in sales. Our catering sales have grown 1,110% since we started using RCS in 2008 through 2015. While our largest jump was 2012 – 2013, we have had double digit growth every year since 2008.”
Jay Johnson, Owner, Bubba’s Roadhouse
Smoke and Spice
“Since joining RCS, the WORST month we have had, was still 200% better than before we started! In December 2014 alone we did 3 times the amount we did the previous year!”
Mark Rogers, Owner, Smoke and Spice
“Not only have we seen a 63% increase in our catering sales,  but also such an ease in managing and serving that volume that we could have never done before.”
Sean Wojtkowski, Owner, Indulgence Pastry Cafe
“Our first year with Michael, our catering sales were up 20.8% over the previous year. The second year sales were up 37.8% over the first!The lessons and ideas we have received from Michael are priceless. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage is not realizing the true value of this software!”
Jeremy Hood, Davids Real Pit BBQ
“Catering sales doubled from the first month to the second, and have been on a steady 50-75% growth per month since then!We’e become one of the go-to cateers for many offices and groups around our three locations.”
Dan Morgenstern, Firewurst
Mother Mary's
“Since 2013, my catering sales have increased 36%! RCS helps me get the job done faster, easier and without anything falling between the cracks. It’s been a life saver working with Michael and his team.”
Len Ruggiero, Owner, Mother Mary’s Italian Kitchen
“We have been in business for over 8 years, early this year I order your marketing kit and we have experienced our best summer ever up $96,000 over this time last year!”
Kyle Agha, New Town Bistro & Bar
New Town Bistro
Westbrook Lobster
“We have spent ZERO on advertising as we wanted to go slow and make sure we perfected it before we promoted too much. As of next week we will have done 12 off premise caterings and numerous out the door caterings. In the first 5 months we have generated over $30,000 in extra sales. These were all in peoples back yards and out the door to individuals. We have not even marketed business or corporate clients yet, that’s our mission for the next several months. Thanks to you, Michael, myself, wife and our three children and spouse will be on a January cruise. I promise to toast you at dinner the first evening, the least I can do!!!”
Larry Lariviere, Westbrook Lobster
“I would do about $2,500 a month in catering…in August it went up a little because I was still learning, not doing much. I just tried one little letter out and it bumped up sales probably a thousand for August, and up to $6,000 for September and October was $10,000…then for December we did over $20,000…December was such a powerful month for us I just sort of let January slide without doing any letters and we still did over $11,000 for January.”
Frank D’Antona, Cantina Mama Lucia
Logan Farms
“One of our locations Catering Sales went up 140% and the other up 500%!! I thank my lucky stars that we found Michael Attias and RCS Catering Software.”
Pink Logan, Logan Farms Honey Glazed Ham & Market Cafe
“Catering sales for our six locations are up over 20%. In one month alone, one of our stores saw a 56% improvement in catering sales! Other locations also saw a 39% and 26% increases.”
Chris Smith, Moe’s Southwest Grill
“Since he has personally built and operated a seven figure catering operation out of his own restaurant, I knew he had the experience to help us increase our sales. Any operator remotely interested in growing their catering sales and profits should drop everything, meet with Michael Attias and sign up immediately. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made. I wholeheartedly recommend him!”
Guy Campbell, Moe’s Southwest Grill
“Your system has made our catering business much easier on our staff to deal with the day to day operations. I love RCS Catering Software, because my restaurant is no longer reliant on me. I am no longer the “go-to” person with catering questions. Your software is so easy to use, my staff can handle details and situations that arise without tracking me down. I can now work on growing my business and having a life.”
James Garofalo, The Egg and I
The Egg and I